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player character game feel

This is a game prototype made with Unity about player character game feel for a third person platformer game. This is not a game, I just share my researches and I will document all main steps that improve this character and its game feel.


Switch to full-screen and click on screen to lock and hide cursor. Use Escape to quit full-screen mode and unlock cursor.


  • WASD or left joystick to move
  • Mouse or right joystick to turn camera
  • Space or down button to jump (and double jump)
  • Left click or left button to dash
  • Enter for full-screen mode


The main goal of this project is to create playable character and understand how to make something juicy. For example: just moving have to be enjoyable.

To do list:

  • Base action character (move, jump, dash)
  • Add main camera
  • Avoid character is stuck in the wall
  • Add dash camera
  • Weightless character during dash
  • Lock and hide cursor
  • Min velocity impact to cancel dash
  • Force dash character direction
  • Finish character model in blender
  • Character skinning in blender (bones & blend shapes)
  • Implement character in unity
  • Make character animation test directly in unity
  • Add all player UI directly on the character

22 000 tris on character (WIP)


Tell me if you have questions, suggestion or you just want to report bug.

Made with love and flowers by:

Simon Giraud - @Labelpastek

Development log

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